Anxiety Memes: The Internet’s Hilarious Way of Coping with Stress

anxiety memes

Anxiety is no laughing matter. It is not something you can lightly dismiss, especially if you have been clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder. But, sometimes, a little humor is the greatest approach to dealing with a bad situation. The popularity of memes, as well as the community that sprang up around them, is encouraging.

Literacy in the field of mental health has become mainstream. People from all walks of life suddenly feel comfortable discussing their awful experiences with anxiety. Users have shared real and relatable experiences about their mental problems on major social media sites. Anxiety hashtags have grown popular, offering a sense of belonging and support. Anxiety memes may help you relieve a lot of stress. 

Anyone who thinks their anxiety interferes with their everyday lives should get professional treatment immediately. However, many individuals find humor and pleasure in realistic anxiety memes because they assure them they are not alone. 

This blog aims to help you deal with your anxiety in an amusing way.  We have compiled a list of witty and relatable anxiety memes that can make you feel better the next time you deal with anxiety.

The Anxiety That Leaves You Messing Up Things Only in Front of Others

A SpongeBob Squarepants anxiety meme.

This meme will resonate with everyone who suffers from performance anxiety. Anxiety regarding one’s capabilities to do a task is known as performance anxiety. People suffering from performance anxiety may be concerned about ruining a task before it starts. They may believe that they will be humiliated or rejected if they fail.

Individuals’ levels of performance anxiety fluctuate. Before performing any work in front of others, many people feel a little apprehensive. However, the prospect of performing might trigger panic attacks in other people.

So, what should be done for performance anxiety? Here is the answer:

A meme about performance anxiety.

Putting the joke aside, various options are available to assist you in coping with performance anxiety. You can employ coping skills for anxiety; you can also go to therapy to explain and resolve your feelings, or your therapist may recommend some medications to help you deal with it.

Why Need an Alarm Clock When You Have Anxiety?

A meme about anxiety.

When you wake up with anxiety, the physical and emotional feelings might easily overwhelm and disturb you. They could appear to be all-inclusive. You may feel that you are off to a horrible start and have a poor attitude to begin the day.

This feeling of being tense and worried when you first wake up is known as morning anxiety. This is not a medical term. Many causes, including work, school, or relationship issues, can cause anxiety.

Living with anxiety might feel trapped in a never-ending fear loop. It does not, however, have to dominate your life. You can learn how to manage your symptoms with the appropriate treatment. Morning anxiety is generally treated with psychotherapy, medications, or a combination to address the underlying causes.

People with Anxiety are the Best Overthinkers

A meme about anxiety.

Even if there is nothing to be concerned about, anxiety will cause you to overthink and doubt your decision. Overthinking can be a precursor to anxiety and other mental health issues. To quit overthinking, you can try questioning your views, seeking support from loved ones, or seeking additional treatment from a mental healthcare expert.

To avoid overthinking as much as possible, try meditation, yoga, and other self-care exercises and occupy yourself with some productive activities.

When You Are Used to the Hormonal Mess Due to Anxiety

A meme about anxiety.

Serotonin is the happy hormone; however, when you are going through the dilemma of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, the serotonin levels fall drastically, so you end up having those few serotonin molecules trying to cheer you up to survive through the day.

You should see a doctor to get your hormones back in balance. Your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), the most widely prescribed form of antidepressant that may help with anxiety.

SSRIs prevent serotonin from being reabsorbed into neurons. As a result, more serotonin is available to increase message transmission between neurons, and greater serotonin improves anxiety symptoms.

That Crippling Morning Anxiety

A meme about anxiety.

This is something that the not-so-morning folks will undoubtedly relate to. As soon as you wake up, anxiety about the day ahead, what needs to be done, what doesn’t, how to cope with it all, and so on, potentially disrupting your entire day with bad energy. 

If you want to avoid these anxiety attacks right after getting out of bed, it is advised that you go for morning yoga and exercises. 

The Question Should Be: What’s NOT Wrong with You?

A meme about anxiety.

Anxiety does not emerge all alone. It is, in actuality, a jackpot that comes with a slew of afflictions intended to ruin your day. When you are anxious, even small things may greatly influence you. You will require regular validation and attention to deal with such a circumstance. Your anxiety may also make you feel uncertain about yourself, causing you to mistrust yourself and develop trust issues.

So, if you want to eliminate this slew of troubles, addressing the root cause is the way to go. Seek support and expert assistance to overcome anxiety and the issues that it causes.

Okay, But What if it Does??

A meme about anxiety.

You would probably be annoyed with anxiety if it were a person. How many times do you have to dispute with your frightened inner voice? 

Anxiety awakens the pessimistic part of you, which sees everything and its repercussions in a bad light. Even if the ground is clean and everything is going well, the gloomy voice in your brain, fueled by anxiety, will keep reminding you of the barriers that do not exist. Eventually, you end up seeing the bad in every situation.

Anxiety Won’t Let You Sleep in Peace

A meme about anxiety.

People with anxiety tend to recall things they should have done in the past, in addition to overthinking situations. Although a rational person would recognize that recalling events from the distant past is pointless because they have no direct effect on the present. 

But anxiety acts as a time machine, carrying you through all the embarrassing things you believe you should not have done, and you end up regretting something in the middle of the night that happened an eternity ago.

This is a harmful habit since it takes your attention away from what you should be thinking about now.

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

A meme about anxiety.

We frequently feel that anxiety is a normal and unavoidable part of life that will subside with time and eventually disappear. However, this is not always the case since, in extreme cases, people have long bouts of anxiety that develop into an anxiety disorder that does not go away just by waiting. You will need a healthy lifestyle, professional aid, psychotherapy, medicinal treatment, or a combination to eliminate it.

So, if you suffer from severe anxiety interfering with your daily life and wait for it to disappear, you are in the wrong spot. Seeking aid and therapy is a wise decision in such a condition.

That Panic Attack out of Nowhere

A meme about anxiety.

You could be sitting in peace with serenity all around you when suddenly a panic attack strikes, robbing you of your peace. A panic attack is a brief time of intense anxiety accompanied by fearful physical symptoms. Some symptoms are a racing heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, and muscular tension. Panic attacks often happen without warning and are typically unrelated to external circumstances.

If a panic episode starts unexpectedly, try breathing exercises, such as deep breathing, or count methodically from one to five on each in-and-out-breath. Aside from breathing, you can put an anxiety bracelet on your wrist or use fidget toys for anxiety to divert yourself.

Pessimism is a Lifestyle

A meme about anxiety.

Catastrophic thinking, or pondering on worst-case scenarios, is quick to enter into and challenging to recognize or control, especially if you are anxious; this might make you feel overwhelmed and even complicate a simple task and interfere with daily life.

Setting up a period during the day to think is an excellent method to counteract it. Rather than allowing it to become a part of your everyday routine, confine it to a 5- to 10-minute time period. In most circumstances, you will find that your concerns are quickly resolved, and you were pondering over them without any reason.

Confusing Anxiety with Literally Anything

A meme about anxiety.

People who have never encountered actual anxiety may not recognize how different it is from shyness. You can feel anxiety even if you are an extrovert. You may be timid and unwilling to interact with new people, but this does not make you anxious. 

Shyness is a personality characteristic, whereas anxiety is a mental health problem that has nothing to do with an individual’s personality and may affect anyone, regardless of their nature or other variables.

Suffering in Silence

A meme about anxiety.

Another meme relates to both introverts and anxiety sufferers. People with anxiety are scared that people would reject it if they ever get the chance to express something. People who suffer from anxiety constantly fear embarrassment and insecurity, which prevents them from being honest, even with those closest to them. Anxiety causes significant trust issues, which drives them to suffer in silence.

Anxiety Giving Pointless Hints

A meme about anxiety.

All anxiety sufferers will recognize this dilemma. You may have anxiety if you strongly sense something is wrong but cannot specify it, leading you to overanalyze everything around you.

I Should Do Better

A meme about anxiety.

This is something that hardworking people who overthink and have anxiety can connect to very well. Sometimes, you lose faith in yourself, and self-doubt sets in. This is when, no matter how hard you try or how much better you do, you have that anxiousness that says you could have done better. Even when you are on the verge of success, anxiety makes you feel bad about yourself and convinces you that you are a loser.

Guess Who is Canceling Plans?

A meme about anxiety.

It will appeal to those who would rather binge-watch Netflix at home than attend a social event. Because of their anxiety-induced insecurity, people with social anxiety cannot get along well with a large group.

Being shy is not the only symptom of social anxiety. People who suffer from social anxiety are terrified of being observed, criticized, embarrassed, or rejected by others. The symptoms are so severe that they disrupt the person’s daily routine and make it impossible for them to participate in everyday activities. This constant fear may harm your work, school, and other day-to-day activities.

What Did I Do to Deserve that?

A meme about anxiety.

One of the primary concerns of anxiety patients is that they do not know how to let go of things; they keep overthinking everything, from a minor change in someone’s behavior to absolutely anything that does not seem meaningful to a sensible person until it destroys their mental peace.

You must exercise caution if you have a friend who suffers from a severe anxiety problem. Your actions and expressions may be insignificant to you, but they are most certainly evaluating everything you do, somehow impacting their mental health.

Most of the Problems Exist in the Brains

A meme about anxiety.

Overthinking and overanalyzing circumstances and being pessimistic about them contribute to the complication of things that are relatively basic and could have been done simply without anxiety, but anxiety tells you that it is a lot and out of reach; this is anxiety in a nutshell.

That One Friend

A meme about anxiety.

People suffering from anxiety have huge trust issues, so they either do not open up to anybody or rely only on one person for social interactions. This may sometimes become toxic since we have various individuals for different spaces, and depending on one person for everything can be too much for them.

Furthermore, one person cannot accompany us at all times and places, and when that person is not there or with other people, you begin to feel more anxious.

Anxiety Will Never Let You Have a Good Time Alone

A meme about anxiety.

This is relatable when you are cheerful for a little while before succumbing to existential depression. Anxiety frequently precedes depression and, conversely, in some circumstances. When you are anxious, you start worrying about prospective difficulties and othering, making you feel worse. You begin to ponder the meaning of life and descend into an abyss of never-ending negative thoughts.

Individuals may grow and rediscover new meanings and relationships when dealing with them constructively. Existential depression will not go away completely since it is a natural aspect of being human.

Nevermind, I’ll Keep It to Myself

A meme about anxiety.

It is high time for individuals to start taking mental health seriously rather than ignoring it. The replies they receive are one of the reasons why many individuals suffer in silence and do not seek help. Even though mental health has become popular, some people ignore the idea that mental health issues exist and try to camouflage them with everyday difficulties.

Instead of urging someone to “be happy,” you should listen to them, comprehend what they are going through, assess their situation, and recommend professional aid.

I am Strong Enough to Deal with it.

A meme about anxiety.

One of the reasons people with anxiety choose to suffer in silence rather than share their thoughts and seek assistance and support is that these individuals believe that if they seek help, they will appear weak, be criticized, and have their image ruined, so they instead try to manage their problems on their own. 

This is a highly unhealthy coping mechanism, so if you observe someone suffering from anxiety, try to form a friendly relationship with them and convince them that they are not being judged so that they may express their problems.

You can get it out of your mind if you ever have this experience. We understand how difficult it is to ignore the inner thoughts, but do your best to let all your emotions out.

Stop Judging with Half Knowledge!!

A meme about anxiety.

The problem with anxiety is that most individuals are ignorant of it. Some people appear to believe that anxiety is only an excuse to avoid doing things, while others confuse it with tension. 

Generalized anxiety disorder, a terrible mental condition that may take over your life and prevent you from doing simple chores, is not the same as chronic stress. Aside from destroying your mental health, it may also negatively influence your physical health. As a result, anxiety surpasses both pressure and sadness.


Although anxiety is not a humorous subject, and anybody suffering from it or who feels it is messing with their lives should seek professional treatment, many people use humor to help them cope.

There are several anxiety memes that will make us scream out laughing. These hilarious anxiety memes are good for those suffering from anxiety, particularly social anxiety, because they struggle to connect with others. These are meant to reassure them that they are not alone.

Humor is a strong uniting component. When people laugh together, they naturally form a relationship. Consequently, let us use it to make life more enjoyable and help us overcome difficult situations.

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