Low Self-Worth Therapy and Treatment in Bismarck, ND

Dr. David Brooks uses EMDR Therapy to help shift perspective and increase self-worth. It’s self-worth treatment that actually works.

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What are the signs and symptoms of low self-worth?

Low selfworth is a feeling of inadequacy and is often associated with shame, guilt, and insecurity. It can manifest as feelings of unworthiness, difficulty making decisions, difficulty asserting oneself, difficulty setting boundaries, and difficulty taking risks.

Low selfworth can lead to depression, anxiety, feelings of inferiority, and a lack of selfconfidence. It can also lead to a lack of motivation, excessive selfcriticism, and difficulty dealing with criticism from others.

In extreme cases, low selfworth can lead to selfdestructive behaviors such as substance abuse, eating disorders, and even thoughts of suicide.

What causes low self-worth?

Feelings of low selfworth can stem from various sources, from childhood experiences to current life circumstances.

It can be rooted in early experiences of rejection, criticism, or neglect or from a lack of positive reinforcement or recognition from important people in ones life. It can also be caused by complex or abusive relationships or feelings of failure or inadequacy in ones professional or social life.

Low selfworth can also result from negative selftalk, a common habit among those who feel they are not good enough.

The dangers of low self-worth

Low selfworth can lead to dangerous and unhealthy behaviors such as engaging in risky activities, abusing drugs and alcohol, or having disordered eating habits.

It can also cause feelings of guilt and lead to selfsabotaging behaviors. Low selfworth can also lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can be challenging to manage.

People with low selfworth may struggle to make and maintain relationships and may even struggle to succeed in their career. Low selfworth can be a severe issue that needs to be addressed, and psychotherapy can be an effective way to find solutions.

How does EMDR therapy help treat low self-worth?

EMDR therapy is a powerful tool for helping people overcome feelings of low selfworth. Through a combination of guided imagery, cognitive restructuring, and bodymind techniques, EMDR therapy helps people to gain insight into the causes of their low selfworth and to develop better coping strategies.

Through EMDR therapy, people can gradually recognize and accept their strengths, weaknesses, and worthiness. By learning to accept themselves and the positive aspects of their life, people can move beyond feelings of low selfworth and find more joy and satisfaction in life.

How does Dr. Brooks administer EMDR treatment for low self-worth?

Dr. Brooks values humor in good taste and usually practices casually in blue jeans. He is hopeful that your experience with him will be rather enjoyable and that he will provide you significant relief from upsetting memories and fears and be able to assist you in reducing unwanted cravings, if any.

Dr. Brooks has been able to use EMDR therapy to help people gain insight into the causes of their low self-esteem and to feel stronger, empowered and deserving. He also provides practice with strategies that can be used to counteract future challenges.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of treatment by Dr. David Brooks at Dakota Trauma Therapy.

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