Wearing Your Worries Away: How Anxiety Bracelets Can Improve Mental Health

anxiety bracelets

Self-care is something that everyone enjoys. Some people meditate, practice yoga, or go for a run, while others read books, watch sitcoms, take candlelit baths, write or doodle, and so on.  Some people also consider psychotherapies such as CBT or EMDR depending on the cause of anxiety, while some use fidget toys for anxiety.

These are all excellent alternatives for dealing with anxiety, but there is one flaw. You will require sufficient time and room to complete them. You will need to block out some time in your day to make these things happen. But how will you spend the remainder of your day? What about at work or when doing daily chores? Anxiety may root you at any time of day; you might be at a meeting, surrounded by people, or doing anything and have a panic attack.

Since anxiety is so widespread, many experts have devised ideas for treating it that are just meant to take advantage of your dire situation. There are several examples of items that are completely ineffective. They promise to assist with anxiety, but in the end, they don’t. At most, they provide temporary relief due to the placebo effect.

Many individuals suffer from anxiety, and it does not care what time of day it is or what you have planned. It will not wait until you have a peaceful moment to deal with it before striking. That is why you need to choose a kind of self-care that you can take with you everywhere you go and generate those soothing emotions no matter what you are doing.

There is an intriguing anxiety-reduction method that seems far-fetched. It is known by a variety of names, but it is primarily known as the “wristband” technique, which is also recognized as anxiety bracelets, and it can help many individuals manage their average anxiety levels.

What are Anxiety Bracelets?

Anxiety bracelets are pieces of jewelry that use calming crystals to help the wearer’s body, spirit, and mind relax. Certain stones and oils have a natural calming effect on individuals who apply them to their bodies.

Anxiety bracelets are said to provide calm and serene energy to the wearer, as well as a general relaxing impact on persons who are experiencing emotional distress and anxiety. They are said to provide a great lot of relief to the bearer due to the capacity to personalize the bracelet to the wearer’s symptoms.

Aside from leveraging the power of the crystal to relieve anxiety, anxiety bracelets also use acupressure techniques to improve anxiety and its symptoms by pressing certain pressure points.

Anxiety Bracelets for Acupressure

This particular type of anxiety bracelet has been handcrafted to stimulate the P6 acupuncture point with pressure and electricity while worn on the wrist. To find the specific acupuncture point place the three middle fingers of your other hand on your wrist, with the top of the higher finger just on the wrist crease, while holding your hand palm up. Between the two principal tendons that go from your wrist down your forearm, you will find the P6 point beneath your index finger.

The activation of this point, according to acupuncture and acupressure practitioners, can help halt nausea and vomiting, especially the type of symptoms associated with anxiety. The acupressure bracelets for anxiety will also help relieve symptoms like morning sickness, which many pregnant women encounter in the first trimester.

anxiety bracelets

Pressure Points for Anxiety Bracelets

Anxiety wristbands can be worn in several ways to elicit the desired physiological reaction and give instant relief from symptoms. Here are some highlighted examples of important wrist pressure points to demonstrate how various anxiety bracelets may be utilized in a variety of ways to get the desired effect, depending on a certain pressure point on your wrist you are using.

Pressure point H7 has been used to treat sleeplessness, as well as uneasiness, anxiety, palpitations, panic, and amnesia. (1)

Insomnia, stress, hot flashes, erratic behavior, palpitations, sweating, stomach discomfort, and vomiting can all be relieved by pressing Pressure Point P7. (2)

Palpitations, stress headaches, anxiety, poor circulation, headache, migraine, neck stiffness, cough, asthma, sore throat, toothache, and wrist discomfort can be improved by Pressure Point LU9. (3)

HT-7 is a pressure point for anxiety and insomnia. It can assist with anxiety and sleep problems including insomnia. This point can be activated to alleviate insomnia caused by overexcitement, emotional problems, or anxiety. It also alleviates palpitations caused by anxiety and irritation. (4)

Aside from anxiety, acupressure can assist with anxiety symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. PC-6 is the pressure point for nausea and seasickness. If you are susceptible to nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, or seasickness, place your bracelet over this point. As soon as the pressure point is triggered, you will experience rapid relief. (5)

The disorders that these anxiety bands assist are frequently unresponsive to medicinal remedies, therefore carrying or wearing a bracelet every day or as needed is an important tool for addressing these often unpleasant symptoms. These bracelets are a low-cost, effective, and natural approach to treating anxiety and associated symptoms.

Anxiety Bracelets with Crystals

Crystals are supposed to aid physical, emotional, and spiritual healing when held or placed on the body. Crystals are said to do this by connecting positively with the body’s energy field, or chakra. Some crystals are supposed to help with stress relief, while others are known to help with attentiveness or ingenuity. (6) Although there is a lack of scientific evidence, crystals are used to alleviate or cope with high-functioning anxiety.

This type of anxiety bracelet not only helps with anxiety but also adds to the beauty brought by sophisticated stones and crystals.

Common Types of Crystals Used in Anxiety Bracelets

Based on their efficacy and function, different varieties of crystals are used for different types of anxiety. Here are some of the most common and effective types of crystals that are widely used.

Blue Magnesite

If you are anxious about expressing yourself because you are afraid of what others will think or how you will come across, your precious inner self may also be frightened about rejection and acceptance. Blue magnesite is beneficial for anxiety related to self-expression. Not only does the bracelet with this soothing crystal look beautiful on you, but it can also assist you in redirecting your nervous energy by spinning the bracelet beads when you are nervous about interacting with someone.


Amethyst, with its soothing purple tones, is a powerful protector, healer, and purifier. This is the crystal you want by your side during any stressful situation. It not only removes negativity from your mind, but it also attracts pleasant, soothing energy. Amethyst, also known as the all-purpose stone, has the power to calm the mind clutter that keeps you awake, making it ideal for people with sleeplessness or nightmares. (7)

anxiety bracelets


Rhodonite, also known as the stone of compassion, is a highly effective stone for reducing and suppressing anxiety. Rhodonite not only helps you let go of things that no longer serve you, but it also helps you relax and feel safer. It creates a safe area for you to heal old painful emotions and scars while also nurturing love, making it ideal for individuals with PTSD. With a Rhodonite in your space, you can rest assured that you are in excellent care.


Citrine is the golden optimizer of life, giving hope, amazement, and passion to all aspects of your existence. Citrine can help you feel the fear and let it go by guiding you to replace doubt and worry with warmth, enthusiasm, and clarity. Citrine has the potential to remove stress and anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions in the same way that yoga does. With a Citrine in your palm, you can relax and feel powerful.


Moonstone is a wonderful stone for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood in general. It is also good for any woman, young or old because it helps to connect with the feminine side and is said to balance female hormones. It is also associated with fresh beginnings and inner power and growth.  It helps to alleviate tension and anxiety when beginning over and helps to stabilize emotions so you can move forward optimistically.

Rose Quartz

This stone is the crystal of lurrrve, as its lovely, relaxing pink colors suggest. It is all too easy to forget to love yourself when you are under pressure, apprehensive, or just plain stressed. Simply giving oneself time to be genuinely present in your heart and existence. Having a Rose Quartz bracelet that you can see all the time will instill in your honor, respect, trust, and value, allowing your heart, mind, and soul to fly free of life’s obstacles. (8)


Celestite crystal connects you to the Angelic worlds, allowing cosmic energies to flow freely. It can reduce tension, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors, which is unsurprising. It is a lovely piece to have with you if you are a singer, actor, speaker, or anyone concerned about a new experience since the energy will help you overcome stage fright, nerves, fear of crowds, or shyness. This Divine crystal promotes equilibrium and harmony, assisting you in attaining and sustaining inner serenity.

Lava Stone

You can use the lava stone bracelet to reduce tension and anxiety during times of change by focusing on feeling calm. Anxiety might arise from a change in family dynamics, a change in residence, a change in employment status, or a change in finances. Lava stone’s calming effect on change-induced anxiety is that it helps to control emotions, especially anger, and make sense of the changes.

White Howlite

Analysis paralysis is a regular occurrence when one is thinking about everything on the to-do list. The white howlite crystal may be the most useful in this situation. White howlite bracelets are not only classic and timeless but also offer exquisite relaxing effects since they are all about calming the overactive mind and relieving anxiety.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that can be used to guard against negative influences of all kinds. It is regarded as one of the most effective stones for shielding against dangerous EMFs. It can be used to reestablish emotional balance and stability during stressful periods. (9)

Essential Oils and Aromatic Compounds Used in Anxiety Bracelets

Anxiety bracelets are frequently immersed in essential oils or contain essential oil beads to aid the wearer’s recovery process. Some individuals consider that essential oils can help to balance the seven chakras in the human body, with different oils having various healing properties for each chakra.

Lavender diffuser bracelets can help with sleep, inner serenity, lowering restlessness, and relieving upset stomachs or cramps. (10)

anxiety bracelets

To relax an anxious heart, dispersed rose oil beads are used. The combination of essential oil beads, crystals, and healing stones is designed to counteract anxiety. As soon as the bracelet is worn, it can help to bring serenity and tranquility. (11)

Anxiety bracelets are not merely comprised of oils, stones, and gemstones. They frequently utilize aromatherapy compounds and herbs.  Sweet basil contains phenol compounds used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety.

Clary sage, commonly used as an aphrodisiac, is also utilized in these bracelets as a relaxing aromatherapy agent because it helps regulate cortisol levels, which is beneficial in treating depression and anxiety. (12)

The bracelets compounded with essential oils or aromatic compounds are also known as chakra bracelets or aromatherapy bracelets. Still, they are all anxiety bracelets because they combine herbal aromatherapy, healing stones and crystals, and essential oils to alleviate anxiety and the symptoms most people experience when dealing with anxiety and depression.

Best Picks

Here’s a rundown of some of the most effective anxiety bracelets, which have received favorable feedback and are well-known for their efficiency. So, let us get started with the products and advantages they offer.

AURA Lava Rock Anti-Anxiety Bracelet with Lavender Essential Oil

This bracelet has a little metallic charm for an attractive touch and is constructed of pink zebra jasper beads and contrasted black lava beads. Black lava beads tend to reduce anxiety and tension, and it is also claimed that they can aid with PMS symptoms. They are even handier because you may add a few drops of lavender essential oil from the sample bottle. They are porous and will do a great job diffusing the relaxing smell.

Pink zebra jasper beads are not just for aesthetics, it is thought to help with skin, bones, and teeth, as well as possibly reduce muscle spasms. Jasper is a calming stone that can help you find contentment and compassion. It is also thought to activate the root chakra, which keeps you focused.

Subherban Essential Oil Bracelets

This bracelet is an excellent gift option. It brings aromatherapy and tremendous love together. The box and instruction card are what make the bracelet a lovely present. It comes in a fine pair that captures the true essence of love, serenity, and compassion.

The bracelet creators are young artisans, which makes it one-of-a-kind. On the bracelets, the meaningful handwork makes women feel amazing. Its attractiveness is enhanced with rhodonite jewels in pink and charcoal colors. It also has porous lava that can be filled with therapeutic essential oil. It provides the most effective aromatherapy.

Tesh Care Chakra Therapy Starter Collection Bracelet

The beauty of crystal stones on this bracelet, which is made out of raw chakra stones and gemstones, creates a magnificent healing experience. Because of the bracelet’s dispersing power, putting your favorite oil on it is a fascinating concept. Cleaning the bracelet is a simple process. It comes with a complimentary dry rose that makes cleaning a breeze.

The bracelet will be the most exquisite element when you use your mental attention and direct emotions. The charming design is ideal for aromatic use and achieving mental stability quickly. As a result, your emotional energy will be diverted to your positive self, making it ideal for healing.

M MOOHAM Lava Rock Bracelet

The design of the bracelet is the first thing that catches the viewer’s attention. The bracelet with your favorite oils is ideal for meditation and healing. Its capacity to absorb oil makes it a desirable option. It comprises a real tiger eye and stone and a black lava rock stone. As a result, you will admire the lava rock stone’s efforts to maintain porosity. The bracelet is lightweight due to the materials used in its creation.

The lava beads regulate the pH; hence it is less hazardous to your hands. The material’s density is also impressive.  Because of the natural stones, the bracelet has a natural appearance. It has a captivating quality, and it helps with anxiety.

anxiety bracelets

Ending Note

These wristbands and bracelets do nothing extraordinary. They do not claim to be able to remove your anxiety or transform your spirit, nor do they have anything to do with toxins. They only have relaxing effects that aid with anxiety and associated symptoms.

Using anxiety bracelets is one of the most simple and easy coping techniques. Aside from anxiety, these bracelets have been shown to aid with sleeplessness, loss of attention, stress, and other issues. However, further research is required to demonstrate their utility definitively. These bracelets are appropriate for all ages and genders.

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