See how Dr David Brooks has helped hundred’s of people to achieve real relief from pain and trauma.

The PTSD cure! I have been to many therapists and psycologists, but none as skilled and effective as Dr. Brooks. This is a very straight forward, simple therapy, and I am very impressed at how fast I felt the results. 100% recommend for anyone who is suffering!
Chris Padron
I highly recommend EMDR with Dr. Brooks. The results exceeded my expectations and helped me resolve past trauma and improve anxiety.
Gordana C
The results I got from EDMR and Dr. Brooks far exceeded what I thought possible. If you have PTSD or past emotional trauma than I highly recommend you try Dakota Trauma Therapy and Dr. Brooks, I suffered needlessly for far too long when real help was a call away.
Northern Exposure
Dr. Brooks has been treating me for PTSD for years. His EMDR Therapy has allowed this veteran to once again sleep through the night and avoid daytime panic attacks. I highly recommend him.
Dawn CDSci Ottman
I was ready to address the areas of stress and internal beliefs when I found Dr. Brooks. The road that I thought would be long and difficult, wasn't. EMDR works! I'm very grateful.
Charla Olson
EMDR therapy helped me a lot. May seem simple, I was skeptical at first, but it really works.
Cat Sillitti